July 2014
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Hi all, (or those who are new)

MOFO are on the hunt..... to seek new venues and go where other bands have gone before!

Due to the recent closure of  regular haunt... MOFO no longer have a Witney, Oxford venue.
If you know of anyone, or want to contact MOFO regarding playing at your venue, please check out our "book us" page.

On a positive note, the set list is looking stronger than ever, and has been enjoyed by many a new fan..... New grounds have been covered in Leighton Buzzard, and there's hope for more gigs as it went down so well.

Check out all the latest photos, videos.... and don't forget to click like on our facebook page.

Keep rocking out.. MOFO
Rock on.bmp

Whoops! May 2013!!
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Hi All MOFO fans!!

Reporting in rather late in the year, but it's been quiet! We need you fans to pipe up to some venues and start requesting MOFO!!!!!

The year has been started with a gig in the woods! Followed with a 50th birthday bash.

MOFO then stormed The Red Lion, Witney, as per usual, with the venue having changed hands and been "tarted" up. It made for a brilliant night.

Please keep looking at the events page, I have faith there will be more gigs yet ;)

Signing off for now, MOFOs.

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Here we are in 2012,

Gig list is already looking full, more to add soon. Two venues played already this year! Check out the photos.

Looking forward to seeing you all throughout the year.

\m/ ROCK ON \m/

MOFO merchandise available
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The new MOFO merchandise page is up and running.

Check back for new products.

Come-back update.
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As the year draws to an end, the MOFO boys have enjoyed every gig since their comeback as the original MOFO lineup in July 2010; Marcus, Robert, Tim, Nick, and now featuring "Fast Eddie" on keys.

With a struggling economy it would seem that venues are having budget cuts and some even stopping live music all together. As a result it's been a difficult year of having gigs cancelled.

However, this will not stop them....  they will continue to battle for more gigs next year... Check out the gigs page for regular updates.

Come on MOFO fans, lets rally together and get these venues booking live bands once more!!!

The boys would like to thank everyone who's helped the last couple of years, and all their fans old and new.

Here's to an even busier gigging year! 2012!!!! Cheers and \m/ Rock on \m/