The band

Nick Shute - Guitar and Vocals
MOFO  Bob Johnson - Lead Vocals  Nick Shute - Guitar and Vocals  Tim Wadeson - Bass  Marcus Lee - Drums  Eddie Williams - Keyboards  

  • Nick, from Swindon is one of those once in a lifetime good finds
  • Described to the rest of the band as a guitarist who "tickles around in his bedroom a bit, but may be worth a try" Nick turned out to be an outstanding natural talent
  • Nick combines a total understanding of the technicalities involved in producing a good guitar sound with the ability to produce a great guitar sound from the most fundamental equipment. 
  • Nick has a forthright, straight on attitude to life that is typical of folk from oop north (not originally from Swindon obviously). This down to earth philosophy helps us all in those times of doubt or crisis experienced by most bands at one time or another.