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If you are a client and need technical support follow the procedure:

1. Call us 24/7/365 at our toll free number (888) 297-2848
A RBS Support Agent will take your info and one of our support staff will assist you at this time or call you back within 24-72 hours. Please tell the RBS Support Agent briefly about the issue you are having, what you were doing when the issue presented, and any other info you may have captured at the time, screen shots, Web browser, etc..

You must provide your domain name you are hosting with RBS, and if possible, leave a phone number to be reached, but if you don't have a number, give an email address must be provided to follow up with you. If none of these methods are available please mail your issue, with a SASE for our support to reply to and mail to:

Lisa Loucks Christenson's
P.O. BOX 9177
Rochester, MN 55903

2. If you have not heard from someone in 72 hours, contact us again at, it's possible your email didn't come through, and if you didn't leave a number, there is no way for our support to reach you. Contact our team with the day you called, any ticket number you were given when calling the toll free number, if you called, or date and time of the email you received from

3. We are happy to work with you on fixing issues, but you must follow our procedures. Do not send emails to other email accounts associated with Lisa Loucks Christenson, or other businesses. This is like calling one retailer to get support for a service at another store. Use the above procedures.

Thank you!

Lisa Loucks Christenson/Owner of

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